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Asset Catalog not being included in debug build when deploying to device

How to reproduce:
-Use the latest version of Visual Studio 2019
-Create a Solution with the Xamarin Mobile template.
-Set the Ios solution as the start up project
-Open the asset catalog
-Delete the current AppIcons
-Create a new one with a different icon than the default
-Make sure you readd the app icons in the info.plist under "Visual Assets"
-Deploy a debug build to an ios device

What to expect:
The app will be installed and it will have the xamarin logo(ignoring the changes you have just made).

When I deploy it to a Simulator it builds correctly.

I've tested this at least 4 different projects that I had and I tested it on a brand new project and the result is: asset catalog doesn't get included in the debug build for the device. My older solutions used to build just fine.

What I already did:
-Verified the path in the info.plist code
-Reseted my ios device to factory settings
-Deleted bin/obj folder

Anyone going through this?

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Hi , ElielsonAnjos-8349
Did you test on emulator or real device ?

I followed your steps and test on emulator in VS 16.9.0 and latest 16.9.2 , everything works fine .

Consider raising issue here for better support :

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I tested on both, the problem lies on the real device. The simulator works fine.

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