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Why can't a label the rest of my set?

Can anyone suggest why I can't label the rest of my pending images??

See screenshot for example..



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Hi, what happens when you try to label your images? Are you getting an error message? Can you share step to reproduce this issue? Thanks.

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It said "no more images to label" when I tried to label more images. (or something similar).
Wasn't an error message, just thinks there isn't any more data.

Not sure what I can do to reproduce - everything was working fine, and then it wasn't.

I tried starting and resuming the project, to see if that would resolve the issue... however this has now happened:


Potentially of note is that the inference training has been stuck on "starting" since the 25th:


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Sorry for the delayed response. This is not an expected behavior. If you have a support plan I suggest raising a support request for further investigation, otherwise, let us know and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction. Thanks.

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