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TPM: (TSS.MSR) and the "NV (UWP)" sample Project.


I posted an unanswered thread so far: TSS.MSR/discussions
My question was on How to use the TPM API inside a UWP project?

When I load this sample project: "TSS.MSR", everything works but only with administrator rights.
But also admin rights into a standard UWP project is not possible...

The result is always the same: "TPM exception occurred: TbsCommandBlocked"

Even in "administrator" mode in Visual Studio!

So is it possible to use it in a standard UWP?

As the sample project "TSS.MSR" seems to be implemented...

Yes, if I modify the sample code project (NV UWP) with a simulator connection (ie: tpmDevice = new TcpTpmDevice("", 2321);),

this project is working well.

But with my current hardware (Dell laptop) with the original code, how do I work with it?

Is there a way to use TPM in a UWP application (for Microsoft store)?
Or maybe I forgot something...

All the best,

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@JeanFrancoisAVILES-0810 According to the page on GitHub, the code author shared an email that could be used to contact and the author is willing to answer questions about the sample. Could you please try to contact the author via the email and explain your issue? Here are the contact details.

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Thank you @AryaDing-MSFT, I will try with the author.

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I sent a message to the author ( but with no response...
Curious work of the Microsoft team, I feel...

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