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How to publish code coverage with a simple XML

I am using the pipelines to automate build & test. One of my coverage tools generates this basic XML file with content:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <Root ReportType="SummaryXML" DotCoverVersion="2020.3.3">
     <Statements Covered="16986" Total="204022" Percent="8.3" />
     <Classes Covered="659" Total="3015" Percent="21.9" />
     <Methods Covered="5313" Total="47318" Percent="11.2" />

and I want to publish it as code coverage.
But the ReportGenerator responds with:

 The dotCover report does not contain line coverage data. Use the dotCover command line parameter '/ReportType=DetailedXML' to capture line coverage.

How can I generate a basic, simple report from this XML?

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@HerreraBulmaro-8470 Welcome to Microsoft Q&A , thanks for reaching out with your query.

Currently Azure DevOps (ADO) is not supported on Microsoft Q&A , please find the Azure services currently supported on Microsoft Q&A here.

The Azure DevOps team and community are active and answering questions on can you please post your question there instead? Thank you.

However if you are not using Azure DevOps , can you please explain more about your end to end scenario and services you are using so that respective SME's can help you accordingly.

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