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Irrelevant Jenkins path and generic sql statements are getting printed in execultable IPA iOS file show package content project_name.iOS

When we create an IPA file using Xamarin iOS, The package content project_name.iOS the below given Jenkins directory path automatically gets created and printed in project_name.iOS file. Is there any way to avoid creating that Jenkins path?

The ISA found error logs in the ipa files, specifically in the project_name.IOS file. This revealed information such as a directory (The directory is “/Users/builder/Jenkins/workspace/archive-mono/2019-10”. This appears multiple times.), error messages.

We are not explicitly writing any SQL statements anywhere in the code, still, some generic SQL statements are there in project_name.iOS file which are irrelevant to our source code of the app. Is there any way we can avoid printing those statements?

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Hi, SnehalJadhav-9517. Jenkins is a program that could be set up as a continuous integration server and automate compiling mobile applications created with Xamarin. Here is the related guide about Jenkins, you could check it.

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