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How can we get distinct values from an array in ADF ?

Hi all ,

Suppose an array : [200;455;677;344;344;677] , I want this array to become distinct and give an output as : [200;455;677;344] .

Note : This array is a record of single row in a table.

This is to be done in data flow through expressions and functions .

Please give a solution for the above issue.

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Hi @unnatisinghmindtreelimited-7872,

Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!
In order to suggest you any alternatives we need few details from you like -
1. How are you constructing this array from a single row. Is the logic is in your data flow or if you are sourcing it from any other location ? What's the data type of this column - is this a text column ?
2. I also see values are separated by a ; (semi-colon). Is this constructed this way or you construct it as a comma separated array ?


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@unnatisinghmindtreelimited-7872 Following up as I haven't heard back from you.

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@unnatisinghmindtreelimited-7872 Please let me know if you need any help on this issue.

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