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All resources not listing up in resource group

When one click's on any resource group's and it by default open's up the Overview pane of the resource group and it should list out all the resources within the resource section, however only a section of resources are getting list up and when i scroll down the records section , the remaining resources are not visible.

So I zoom out my browser and some more of the remaining resources start listing up and when I further zoom out more all the resources listed up.

This is happening in all browers(edge, firefox, chrome) and is happening to everyone within the team. I have tried removing the cache, re logged in to the portal and all possible ways at client side, however somehow issue still persists.

Is there any ongoing issue with ARM api's which render everything on portal, which we are not aware of. Please assist.

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@SARASWATCHETAN-7930 Apologies for delay in response and all the inconvenience caused because of the issue. I couldn't find any reports about ongoing issues with ARM api's which render everything on portal.

I have few questions there. Kindly help me to scope down the issue.

  1. Do you still have the same issue as you outlined above?

  2. Did the Azure Portal worked before as expecting?

  3. Is your team using the same network? Could you test from any different?

  4. Do you see any errors in the browser console?


PS: If you are going to create the ticket, we recommend you first capture a browser trace and some additional information. You could find these steps here.

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Issue still persists. Below is the output from the console.


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Thank you!

Could you please copy and past the session id + share the whole path there you navigate?

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