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IAP API Issues

For the last few days we've been getting reports of IAP on our Windows Store app not working, and we are seeing errors from the fulfillment API. Nothing has changed on our end. Is there something going on with the API endpoint? All we are getting back is "An internal server error occurred while processing the operation."

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Based on the error message, it looks like there is something unexpected happens on the server-side. Please open a free support ticket here: Contact Us. Choose to Contact us, select Dashboard for Topic, and select App submissions and management for issue type.

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Is there any way to expedite this? It has been nearly a month and I still can't get a straight answer. We are losing revenue and customers over this. I've gotten just one response in all this time from the link you provided, and it had nothing to do with what I reported and was responding as if I was an end-user of the application. How can the payments API simply stop working and still not be resolved after all of this time with no way to actually get in touch with someone that can do anything about it?

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As you mentioned that you didn't change any code of your app, then the issue should be related to the server or the customer's own scenario like networking. I have to say that our forum support can't help more with your issue as it is related to the server. The free support ticket is the way that you could talk to the team directly. My suggestion is that you could test with a test account and try to reproduce this issue. Then share the details with the support engineers via the ticket.

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