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SCSM DW Management Packs deployment fails

We have an SCSM ENV with an evaluation license after 180 days the license was expired so we enter the product key on the Service Manager management server and forgot to activate the Data Warehouse server, then we realized that the reporting tab wasn't found and try to reregister the DW server which leads to removing the DW server while it was not activated and its services weren't running after that we have activated the DW server using the product key and try to register it again but it fails due to the Management group was found in the database so we remove the Management group of the Service Manager Management Server and try again this time the registration success but the deployment of the DW management packs failed and the reports don't get the data of the system.
I know that the above steps don't solve the problem but make it more complicated.
Please advise what should we do to get the DW back and the reporting work correctly.
Thank You.

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