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Cannot unlink or delete my redis cache

Hi there. I have an instance of a Azure Redis Cache which was Geo-Replicated (it was the secondary instance). I deleted the primary instance and now I cannot unlink this one nor delete it. Any advice? TIA :)

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Hi @CarlosSantos-1233, welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

If the primary and secondary are linked as part of geo-replication, we cannot delete the primary till we unlink them. Please see the error message when we try to delete primary:

Azure Portal:

Azure CLI:


If you are able to delete the primary that means both primary and secondary are already unlinked. I tried deleting primary after unlinking and was able to do that.

In case you want to find secondary and delete it, you can go to your azure resource group and find all the services/resources under it.

Another way is to use Azure CLI to find all redis cache for a resource group and then delete accordingly as below:

 //List all Redis Cache Instances for a resource group
 az redis list --resource-group anurshar-Databases
 //find the host from above query and delete it as below
 az redis delete --name nameofcache --resource-group yourresourcegrp

Please let me know if this helps or else we can discuss more.

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Hi AnuragSharma-MSFT

Thank you for your reply.

I think there was an issue when I deleted the Primary cache because somehow it got deleted but the link is still there.

This is the list of all resources in my resource group, which just shows my redis cache "02":

And this is the the Geo-Replication screen for my redis cache "02" showing it is deleting the link from redis cache "01" that does not exist. This has been in "deleting" status for more than 2 days.

Please also note this resource group is part of a test subscription with limited monthly budget for testing. I deleted cache "01" when the budget was reached and the subscription is still shows as disabled.

Any other advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi @CarlosSantos-1233, thanks for replying back.

This does not look correct behavior as deleting the linking should not take much time. We can reset or reboot nodes once and check but it could result in data loss as well hence I would not recommend it as of now.

I would suggest you to reach out to support team through support ticket as they can look into your subscription directly and would know what's happening in the background.

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Hi @AnuragSharma-MSFT

Thanks for replying. I also can't reboot the nodes because of the "deleting" status too, basically every action doesn't work because of it. I have now raised a support ticket with "Subscription Management" team and hopefully they will be able to help me.

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