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Move G Drive with mover

I was looking to contact with on of mover support team to understand a couple of points of mover service. Now we are using G suite product, we do have many separated accounts in G suite but we would like to move to Microsoft Business 365 (one account for the whole company with different domains). As I understood from Microsoft documentation that migrating to Microsoft Business will pull emails, calendar and other items but not including folders/files in G drive and this is where mover comes to bring on the table.

My question as follows
We are facing an issue with our G Drive as we are using G Drive as a document management system. We have root folders owned by individual then sub-folders owned by another individual but it’s shared across. Kindly find below example where each point represent a folder name and (name) between (braces) represents the owner of the folder/file

1- Current projects (Yasser)
a. Project A (Yasser)
b. Project B (Eric)
i. Planning (Eric)
1. File 1.xlsx
2. File 2.exe
ii. Designing (David)
iii. Execution (Yasser)
c. Project C (David)
i. Proposal.ppt (Yasser)
2- Archive (Eric)
a. Project D (David)
i. Deliverables (Yasser)
1. Expense details.xlsx (Eric)
2. Final Presentation (Yasser)
ii. Notes.txt
b. Project E (Eric)

Some files size is exceeding 10 GB and definitely, others are below 10 GB. Ownership of each folder/file is distributed among the team.
My question, how can we migrate all of these folders without losing the data nether hierarchy or sorting of the folders? (tree). This is becoming a nightmare for us to accomplish
We are talking about around 300 GB for 150 users in total and could be more.

Appreciate helping us out and advise moving forward

Best regards,

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1 Answer

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Hello @YaserAlattas-8890 ,

Thank you for your query. At this point Mover is not on-boarded to QnA platform hence it is not supported here. The consolidation is still underway and you may see it in Office 365 forums soon. I think your max file size of 10GB is well within the limits of Onedrive for business File size limitations. Onedrive for business can sync files upto maximum size of 100GB as mentioned below. You can check the link for more details. also I am not sure about how mover works hence can not comment on whether it can retain folder tree hierarchy or not .


If mover has some limitations in file transfer or not during migration is something I am not sure. I would suggest to post in the onedrive for business forum or Tech Community where right experts would be able to help .

I hope this helps. If the information provided is helpful , please do accept the post as an answer. It will help other members of the community with similar questions.

Thank you.

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