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ColumnSpan in Grid is not working properly when MaxWidth is 0 in VisualStudio 2019 (Version - 16.4.5)

In my project created in VisualStudio 2019 with version 16.4.5, I have some columndefintions in grid and also uses columnspanning. But when I set maxwidth as 0 for some definition, the columndefinitions are not spanned to full width properly.

Code Snippet:

             <ColumnDefinition MaxWidth="0"/>  
             <ColumnDefinition Width="*"/>
         <Border Background="Red" Grid.ColumnSpan="2"/>
         <TextBlock Grid.Column="1" Text="Testing"/>

The same code above is working different in different frameworks. Please refer to the below ScreenShots

VS2017 - NetFramework-4.6.1


VS2019 - NETFramework-4.7.2


Please look into this and provide your suggestion to fix this issue?


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Why did you set MaxWidth=0 not MinWidth for the column? Could you show me the whole xaml code for me?

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