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How does Windows 10 decide to enable sound playback of a connected Bluetooth speaker?

Hello everyone,

We're developing a Bluetooth A2DP speaker, and Windows 10 has a compatibility issue with it: when the BT connection is established, the audio isn't routed to the BT speaker. When I go to Control Panel / Sound / Playback, I can manually enable this device. However, with other commercial BT speakers that I have around, this issue doesn't exist - when I connect, the audio is automatically switched over to those speakers. I've compared the Bluetooth device class, extended inquiry info, and service discovery records of these commercial products to our solution, but there's nothing standing out that would justify this distinction. In the Device Manager, the other speakers have either "Communication.Headset.Bluetooth" or "Audio.Speakers" value for "Device categories" property, while our device ends up with "Multimedia".

Can anybody tell me what triggers this distinction in categorizing Bluetooth devices in Windows, and what do I need to modify so Windows automatically enables the sound on this connected device?

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