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Endpoint hint in file picker for oneDrive for education.

Hi team,
From the doc, it said that we can skip auth flow if giving the right access token and corresponding url in Endpoint hint field.

I wonder if the accounts for education have the same Endpoint hint as OneDrive for business? e.g.

Kiddom team

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Hello @KiddomEngineering-2861 would you kindly share a link to the specified documentation to clarify the use case?



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Hi @DianaWanjuhi-1579
Here is the file picker SDK documentation I mentioned

There is a field called endpoitHint

It says

OneDrive API endpoints includes OneDrive personal, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. The value of endpointHint could be for OneDrive personal, the OneDrive for Business URL or a SharePoint document library URL, ex. or

It doesn't mention the OneDrive for education accounts so I am wonder if it uses the same pattern as OneDrive for business

Kiddom Team

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