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Master SSO Key Error - Cannot perform encryption or decryption


Since some time we have a problem in one BizTalk 2020 (Std) environment. This hasn't occured previously with BizTalk 2016, or initially with 2020.

After Windows Patches are applied (and the server is restarted), the Master SSO Key is lost.
Restoring the Master SSO Key fixes the problem, that really shouldn't be neccessary after Windows Pathing I guess.

The following error is displayed:
"Cannot perform encryption or decryption because the secret is not available from the master secret server”

Could it be that the ESSO service is started too slow? Or is the key really corrupted by the updates?

I'm attaching screenshots of the error and the Windows updates added today.

Have anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?



From the Event Log:

sso-error.png (21.0 KiB)
up1.png (13.8 KiB)
up2.png (11.0 KiB)
up3.png (9.1 KiB)
err1.png (461.5 KiB)
err3.png (470.2 KiB)
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Yes, we have seen that one as well. And when BizTalk is in that state you can't make any configuration changes or stop/start ports.
It has occurred in two different environments after patching (but in different months). Try restarting Enterprise SSO on both the DB and BizTalk servers.

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Thanks Colin.

Will try the restart, before actually restoring the key, next time this happens.

I'm just curious as to the cause. This has become an annoyance to a customer :)

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@ColinDijkgraaf We patched the servers just now.

Same problem with the Master SSO Key. Restarting the ESSO Service (and the BizTalk Services) didn't work.
Only restoring the Master Key worked.

The curious thing is that I compared the keys in the registry before and after the restore, and the registry looked the same

I guess we'll have to open a ticket with Microsoft.

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