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Increasing the message size of the Service Bus


From the specification here -

I understand that the message size a service bus can carry for a single transaction is 1 MB for premium and 256 kb for standard.

I'm reaching out to check if there are any tweaks which can be made to increase the size. We need to support request body upto 3 MB.

Is it possible by any means?


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Hi @PK-7858

Unfortunately, this is the hard limit for the message size for service bus SKUs and cannot be changed.
Alternatively, if your business requirement needs more than 1 MB then your sender application should have the logic to split the message to the supported size and at the receiver side, you need to consume/join those messages together. You can leverage sessions in this case where all messages send a particular session will be received in FIFO order i.e. maintaining the order.

The other option would be storing the message content in the azure storage blob/or any other storage. The sender application needs to store that message and now pass the storage URL while sending the message. At the receiver end, they need to pull the message content from the storage URL.

If you want to go with premium SKU then there is a private preview to explore this new feature service bus premium supporting 100 MB of message size. Please let me know is you are interested in exploring it so we can enable this on your subscription.

Note: This is a private preview and should not be used in your production environment until it is GA.

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@MayankBargali-MSFT : Thanks for your prompt response.

We have a premium subscription for the service bus. But, the message limitation is 1 MB.

Now, I can get an indication from your comment that, there is a private preview with premium SKU which will facilitate supporting 100 MB of message size, which means, I don't have to change anything, by providing you the subscription, you would be able to enable the private preview which will facilitate 100 MB of message size, correct?

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@PK-7858 As this is a private preview existing premium namespace still supports 1 MB max message size. Once you have shared the details with us we will enable it on your subscription and your new premium namespace will have a 100 MB message size limit. Please refer to my private comment if you are interested and will share more details. But make sure that this is only for testing purposes and not recommended in production until this feature will be GA.

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Hi @MayankBargali-MSFT ,

I am facing same issue with Service Bus Premium. I understood as you said that 100MB is in Private Preview mode and isn't recommended for Production environment.

But in your first reply, you have recommended to use Azure Storage Queues. I have a message of size approx 2.5 MB and I am trying to leverage Queues but I see in the MS Doc - "A queue message can be up to 64 KB in size". So can we really make use of Azure Queues in this scenario ??

Please help me in further understanding related to Queues and also, do you have any another approach where I can queue my messages of size more than 1 MB ??

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