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Cannot Reproduce Windows Update Gradual Rollout Issue on Test Distribution

We are developing a UMDF device driver that has passed the necessary HLK tests and even Windows Update on test distribution does not seem to show and errors after the update. But in the actual driver submission to Windows Update, on the Gradual Rollout phase, a large number of users have encountered CM_PROB_FAILED_POST_START (error code 43) enough to pause the driver distribution and reject it eventually.

Is there a better way of simulating/reproducing this Gradual Rollout issue safely, aside from putting the driver into Windows Update test distribution? From our checking, entries in the driver install logs (C:\Windows\Inf\ always report SUCCESS, with return codes from each setup phase returning 0x0. EventViewer also show no signs of driver failure or warning. Are there anymore things that could be useful in finding out if Code 43 has occurred on the devices?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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