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Xamarin forms - debugger-agent: Unable to connect

Hello all,

I am trying to make test Xamarin app on android simulator. At first it was working OK, but since my app would be working also in offline mode I decided to test it on simulator without internet connection. On simulator I disabled internet and mobile data. And then error happened. I can not make app visible. Then I decided to test it this on new project. So I created new project from beginning and did not change anything. Just run it. Same thing. It does not work when no internet connection is available (both WiFi and mobile data).

I get following error (last two lines)

[monodroid-assembly] /data/app/com.companyname.test-1/base.apk entry: META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
[mono] debugger-agent: Unable to connect to

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Hi @Bumbar14 , you can try to uninstall the app on the device and deploying again.

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Hi @JessieZhang-2116 , thanks for answer. But unfortunately this does not work. App does not open (on emulator). I deployed it to real device and it opens (if there is no internet connection).

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