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Why does one Stored Procedure with a 5.3s Web App response time result in 13.02 hours of CPU Time (metric)?

I have a web app where I ran a stored procedure on button click event. Upon reviewing the metrics, I see the stored procedure resulted in a 5.3 second response time, but a 13.02 hour CPU Time (Sum). Does that seem reasonable? Thanks!

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Thanks for asking question! Could you please elaborate your query to help you better on this. If you are facing any performance issues with your web app?
Further adding some points here:

Response Time is the time taken for the app to serve requests, in seconds.

CPU time is the amount of CPU consumed by the app, in seconds, because one of their quotas is defined in CPU minutes used by the app. Its calculated over one application uses. Further CPU time is useful for apps hosted in Free or Shared plans.

You may refer to Monitor apps in Azure App Service for details.

Let us know.

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