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Combine several documents but keep them separate files....

Hi we have 30+ policies and procedures (all word documents and each has a separate review date). These are currently saved in two ways:

  1. As separate word documents i.e. saved as Policy 1- Health & Safety, Policy 2 - Equality etc etc.

  2. As a combined document for ease of printing back and distributing by email etc. This is a general word document with an index and page numbers.

The problem I have is that each policy has different review points so if I'm sending out a revision to say policy number 12. The page numbers might have altered and if the recipient wants to print they then have to re-print the entire document. Years ago I'd have combined all the documents together with Binder. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious to fix this but have given up searching as wasting too much time!

If anyone can point me in the right direction please that would be fab. Thanks

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