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How to publish Blazor with .exe for server and client?

I want to publish the example app (template app) from Blazor with the server, client, and shared projects. Is there a way to publish the app with executable files for the server and client?

So the user can run the server with one click and run the client with another click. Is it possible that the client is in PWA / windows app like the one we install from the internet browser?

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Hi @AlvinStefanus-6184,

The Shared project is a class library project, which will be added to the Server and Client projects. The Server project is a server-side API application, and the Client project is a client-side Blazor application. This Blazor WebAssembly application is a web application, after deploying it to the hosting environment, we can access them via internet browser, instead of installing them like the windows application.

To the Server and Client projects, do you mean that you want to publish them to different websites so that we can access them separately?

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No, I mean is it possible to package the server and clients into an installable package?

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Hi @AlvinStefanus-6184,

is it possible to package the server and clients into an installable package?

What do you mean about the Installable package, like the windows app installable package? The Blazor is a web framework designed to run client-side in the browser, after creating a Blazor application, we should host the app, then access the web page via browser. More detail information you could check Host and deploy ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly.

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