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Group Email Desync's on desktop 365 app

I have a user who is having trouble with her group email in outlook. She will be able to see her emails just fine on the any browser through the url. When she uses the outlook desktop app though it will stop syncing her emails after a while. Here's what we have tried so far to fix it:

  • disabling and re-enabling cached exchange mode. This fixes it temporarily before it stops syncing again after 15 or so minutes.

  • Repair office suite, both quick repair and online repair.

  • uninstall office 365 then reinstall

  • We removed and re-added her account in Outlook

  • deleting the .ost and .nst files and rebuilding them.

  • Ran a support tool that can specifically troubleshoot shared mailbox issues. It didn't catch anything of note though we did delete the .nst file again as there was a rule targeting the group inbox.

  • Had the user sign into a another laptop to see if the problem re-occurred there too. The problem did not follow her on there.

  • Compared office build version with others in the same group. The version was the same for a couple other user's in this group and they are not having this issue.

  • Updated office suite to the latest version. Along with making sure Microsoft updates was up-to-date.

  • A ticket has been created with Microsoft Premier Support. O365 support has stated that since the issue is client only, they will not help us troubleshoot it.

  • The user's laptop was re-imaged, less then a week passed before the issue re-occurred.

I don't know what our next step should be to fix this. If it helps she is on Version 2104 - 13929.20296

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Hi @J-Martin,

According to your description, you have tried many troubleshotings and the issue may be related to the client itself. In order to further analyze it, please try to configure other account on this client to check if it could send/receive normally there.

As I know, the issue may occur when your local send/receive file(.srs) is corrupted, in order to avoid it, please try to rename your .srs file and restart your Outlook to check if the issue has any difference(File location: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook).

If the issue still exists, it may also caused by your corrupted outlook profile, it's suggested to create a new profile and re-add your account to check(Control Panel>Mail>Show profiles>Add> readd your account)

If that's invalid and other accounts also couldn't work normally on this client, have you installed any third-party tools or add-ins on this client? In order to avoid the interference of them, it's suggested to close other program and restart your Outlook in safe mode to check if it could work normally there(Windows + R> type "Outlook.exe / safe">enter).

If your issue has any update, please feel free to post back :)

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Hi @J-Martin,

Just checking if your issue has any update, if you still need further assistance, please feel free to post back :)

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I apologize for the delay in response. Coordinating with others is like herding cats.

Configuring another account showed no problem with the program. But the user needs there original account. Others in the same group do not have this issue. Even the secondary admin in the group doesn't have this issue. They are running the same version of Microsoft Office.

I renamed the Outlook.srs file to Outlook6821.srs. After re-opening outlook it created a brand new .srs file. After checking the group inbox it seems to have synced up and reflected with what is showing with the group inbox on the browser. I have asked the user to monitor it and see if it desyncs again. This seems to have brought up another problem then as this group uses the thumbs up system to mark that the email can has been dealt with and can be deleted. As we want to limit how many have admin rights on the group this feature is important. Looking up how to fix that error just shows much of the same of what I have already done here. It still only took 3 days before the email desynced again.

I created a new outlook profile but the issue reoccurred of a couple days.

Next session I checked to see if there were any rule conflictions on a suggestion from a colleague. This also did not fix it.

I had her try safe-mode next, this also did not work. It also brought up a new issue where the user was also not able to see the thumbs up in the browser. We came to find that we can see the thumbs up if the other user does so through the browser.

There are no third party tools or add-ons on this client.

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