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API Management Not Triggering Logic App

I've set up a logic app behind an api management service and I'm running into an issue where the api management service returns an empty 200 response but the logic app is not triggered. I have verified that hitting the logic app endpoint works as expected.

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi Nick - Could you provide more details? Do you have policies implemented on the APIM side? Generally speaking, this type of issue is better resolved via a support case where a support engineer who has a deeper insight into your environment can troubleshoot the root cause.

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The only policy that I'm including right now is the inbound ip-filtering. After that I'm just creating the logic app api via the portal using all the default settings. It's just weird that this was working before and when I tested it yesterday it just wasn't working.

I will say that the logic app url did change and I tried both just changing the url and signature as well as deleting the api and recreating it and destroying the api management service and recreating it.

I've asked my client to purchase developer support so hopefully we can get that setup today and they can figure something out.

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Not sure if you were able to resolve this issue but I would check if the forward-request policy was accidentally removed from the global scope and/or the base element.

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