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Fail to find message by singleValueExtendedProperties using $filter, where singleValueExtendedProperty is a UUID


I'm using the graph sdk to send mails with two singleValueExtendedProperties. Both properties use the "{type} {guid} Name {name}" convention for setting the id. For both of them the value is a random UUID set at send time.
We have a suite of automated test (they are ran by a CI pipeline), that verify if the mails created are present in the sent folder. I'm using $filter to find the mail by singleValueExtendedProperties id and value, but in some runs the query doesn't return the mail sent. Stranger than this, the mail is present in the mailbox, using other queries (no $filter, only the $expand for the targeted singleValueExtendedProperty)

Query example:

 $expand=singleValueExtendedProperties($filter=id eq 'String {guid1} Name PropertyName1')
 $filter=singleValueExtendedProperties/Any(ep:ep/id eq 'String {guid2} Name PropertyName2' and startsWith(ep/value, 'UUID'))

My first thought was that the issue is caused by the startsWith operator, but unfortunately replacing it with 'contains' or 'eq' gives the same result (no result)

I'm assume that it has something to do with using a UUID as a value

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