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Javascript signalR webworker


I have two selfhosted SignalR Net (no core) server. The c# clients are working fine in two threads.

The JS client works fine in the main thread.

My JS client will need to connect to 2+ servers. To ensure a smooth working experience, I would also like to run one webworker thread for each connection.

I have tried and searched for solutions to run the SignalR client in the webworker threads. Due to the Jquery issue this does not work.

I have tried to solve this with the NPM package with the Jquery shim, but did not get it running.

I am please looking for a way to have simple JS imports into the webworker for SR client and maybe the shim, to run the SR client.

I please don't want to add any NPM etc packages, just import the required JS files into the webworker thread.

This has been haunting me for some time now,

would someone PLEEEAAASSSE be so kind to help me with this,



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