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테넌트 삭제가 안됩니다.

현재 총 3개의 테넌트가 있는데, 이 중 2개는 제가 Owner 입니다. 테스트용으로 생성했던 제 소유의 테넌트 한개(를 삭제하려고 모든 구독을 다른 테넌트로 옮기고, 사용자, 앱 등등도 모두 삭제하고 테넌트를 삭제하려고 하니 구독 리소스에서 "모든 라이선스 기반 구독 삭제" 라면서 삭제가 활성화 되지 않습니다. ![11179-aa.png][1] 당연히 "구독" 메뉴나 "비용 관리+청구" 메뉴로 가도 아무 구독이 없다고 나옵니다. 위 이미지에서 "조직을 삭제하려면 테넌트와 사용자 기반 구독을 제거하세요. 비즈니스용 스토어(으)로 이동한 후..." 라고 나와있어서 로 이동해 봤는데 이번엔 고객지원팀에 요청하라며 에러 메세지가 뜹니다. ![11100-ms.png][2] 웃기는건 이 에러메세지가 뜰때도 있고 안뜰때도 있고 중구난방이고, 지금은 심지어 해당 페이지에 접속하려고 하면 무한 로그인 로그아웃을 반복합니다. Private browser 로 재 로그인 후 여러번 시도해도 마찬가지입니다. 뭐가 문제일까요? [1]: /answers/storage/attachments/11179-aa.png [2]: /answers/storage/attachments/11100-ms.png

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Make sure there aren't any dependencies that might be preventing the deletion. You need to make sure that all the users (except for yourself) and resources are removed first.

Have you checked the troubleshooting guide for this?

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Thank you for the comment.

As you see the first picture (I'm sorry. That is Korean ;) ), All validations for deleting were passed except Azure subscription.

The problem is that I can't delete the tenant even though I transferred all subscriptions to another account.
I confirmed that there is no subscriptions in the azure portal.
However, the businessstore shows that there is a subscription with an error message.

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anonymous user Are you able to delete the subscription from your business store? Or does the error prevent you from performing any actions to delete that subscription?

Recommended Steps:
If you can't delete your Visual studio subscription in the Microsoft 365 admin center, AzureAD admin center or the Azure portal, by following the Delete a tenant in Azure Active Directory documentation. The best course of action, would be to submit a support request.

As you stated above, you don't have any subscriptions on the Azure Portal, but you should still be able to create a support request. You can also use another account/subscription where you can create a support request referencing this issue.

1-Please title the support request similar to your title here "Tenant cannot be deleted" or "Can't delete AzureAD Tenant", etc..
2-Please post your support request number here or feel free to email it to myself or Marilee at:
- / Title: ATTN James & Marilee - Can't delete AzureAD Tenant
-From there, we can both monitor the issue to make sure our support team driving this forward and once a solution is found we can post it here for the community.

How to create a Support Request

If you have any other questions please let us know.
Thank you for your time and patience!

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@JamesTran-MSFT Thank you for the guidance.
I've already been talking with MS Service center. If I got answer or resolved this problem, I will update here, too.

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