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MakeAppX.exe: APPX build fails due to invalid Package/Identity/Name - how to change identity?


Our product has the following identity info:


(this is not the actual identity, but the format is the same)

This was assigned automatically by MS Store. However, the MakeAppx.exe does not accept this value. Building APPX package generates the following error:

 x-Company.appName violates pattern constraint of ([A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9]*)(\.[A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9]*)*;.

We need to remove the hyphen somehow., but it does not seem to be possible to change the identity name using the web page. How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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Could you mind share your Package.appxmanifest file content for us?

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Any news on this? I have the same Issue

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