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Disable federation on custom domain and AD Connect

I was doing POC to test delegated access. I did the following steps.

1) Created VM in Azure and added ADFS within
2) Successfully configured Azure AD with this ADFS to enable Federation. Confirmed that user getting synced from ADFS to Azure AD
3) The verified custom domain( got federation option enabled. And became Primary domain.

Now I would like to change it to following step.
1) I would like to change as Primary domain(Not allowed because it is federated)
2) Changed FS to PHS/PTA as guided to disable federation.
3) When I login to it redirects with adfsurl/adfs/ls which gives error "Page can't be displayed"

Note: As of now Office 365 not installed in ADFS.

Can you please let me know how to remove federation from main custom domain( and AD Connect in Azure AD?


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I have a similar issue, i set up AD Connect to be a hybrid setup and it set up my custom domain to be federated. But i can't change it after, even after uninstalling the AD Connect agent, the settings remain.

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I am having the same issues, any news on the topic?

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