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IIS 8: websites troubleshooting

Hi ,

We have iis 8 server with 15+ websites hosted in it and suddenly all websites are not loading.
I checked all the permissions and DB side no issues over there but in workerprocess tab i see long running process with
verb -Get
state -Beginstate
modulename -IIS web core

Tried killing these process and when I hit url it shows same process again.
Attached screenshot.

Help me to solve this issue


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Hi @MeSrp-5701 From the screenshots you posted, there is no way to get helpful information, you can try to use failed request tracking to see which request has a problem.

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Hi Sam

I tried Failed request tracing but no luck.
App is not at all loading, no iis logs, no event viewer logs, no failerequest tracing logs./
except that process in worker process tab unable to find anything.
tried resting app-pool,iisreset and changing managed pipeline mode from integrated to classic but still no luck.


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Hi @MeSrp-5701 If you find a related error message, I suggest you open a support ticket.

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