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empty logs in Flow Logs Storage


I have enabled Flow logs on one NSG for testing.
The NSG is attached to a Subnet and interface of a specific Web Server.

for a while it worked. I shutdown the Server and powered it back up after a few days.
now in the storage account of the flow logs I have each day, in each hour, only one JSON file containing:

<Message>The specified resource does not exist. RequestId:aecdec05-401e-009e-4e7d-66ccb1000000 Time:2021-06-21T09:09:41.9141838Z</Message>

and no logs.

what is this error means ?

Please advise.

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@NirShamir-5387 It seems like in the process of shutting back and powering it back on, looks like something broke. Are you able to create new Flow Logs and see if that works?

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@NirShamir-5387 Any update?

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