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No direct connection to PostgreSQL server with SSL possible via Logic App

We have set up an "Azure Database for PostgreSQL Server" and would like to access it with Logic Apps.
We use the PostgreSQL connector for this.
If "Force SSL connection" is disabled, the connection will also work so that we can read and write data.
However, if we activate "Force SSL connection", the connector can no longer establish a connection to the PostgeSQL database.

Means that an "Inner Azure connection" works without SSL, but not with it.
We don't want to use an on-premise gateway because we only want to use the cloud.

Both the database and the LogicApp are in the same subscription.

I hope you can help me with this problem.

Azure database for PostgreSQL - Security
Azure database for PostgreSQL - Security

Azure Logic App - PostgreSQL-Connector
Azure Logic App - PostgreSQL-Connector

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This is a really bad limitation of Logic apps and reduces their value significantly. Can we get an estimate to when this might be resolved?

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@PascalLammers Apologies for not getting back sooner on this. Looks like this is a limitation. I am checking with the concerned team to gather more insights on this.

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Hi, same issue here :)
A workaround is to call a function app which makes the connection.

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