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Tracking Changes option not available in latest Version of OOS

We upgraded Office web apps version 16.0.10373.20000 to 16.0.10338.20039. Please find the attached screenshot for your reference.

As per my research, the track changes functionality should have been part of this new upgrade as it was added to Office for web in Feb 2020.

We expect track changes should be able to be seen in the Office for Web but we are not able to see that option after using the latest version.

We are attaching the screenshot of the iframe.

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Welcome to Q&A forum!
According to the link address in the first screenshot you provided, it seems that the document opened not in normal mode in Word Online.
And I have the following information need to confirm with you.

  1. How did you open this Test document?

  2. Where is the document stored? Is it the OneDrive shared library or another location?

Due to we do not have an OOS test environment, the following tests are performed on windows 10. Thanks for your understanding!

  • If I open a file shared by other users from OneDrive, the Word Online page opened will be similar to yours.

  • When I open a self-created file or created a new file from OneDrive , both could use Track Changes function.

Please sign in Office for Web directly with your account and then create a new document to check this issue.
Besides, here is an offcial article Can I use Track Changes in Word for the web?, you may have a look.

Any misunderstandings and updates, please let me know.

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Hi @Viki Ji_MSFT, thanks for your response.

I want to share some details about what I have implemented so far.
Basically, we have 3 options to edit a word document.

  • Word desktop application.

  • Online word editing tool which works with docs saved on Sharepoint and Onedrive

  • Integrate Word application on some other server and edit docs using WOPI Integration.

We have implemented the 3rd option, that is, integrating Word application and editing docs using WOPI Integration in our website. The track changes the functionality is not available in the WOPI Iframe.
I want to confirm whether this feature is available for WOPI Integration using Iframe or not, in the latest update. We are using version 16.0.10338.20039.

If you have any more queries, please let me know.


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Thanks for your reply and sharing.
According to my research, the purpose of WOPI is to bring the Office Online experience to your web applications.
Due to we do not have a similar test environment, and I did not search for any relevant information.
If there is information in the future, I will update it here.
Thank you for your understanding.

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