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windows 10 update KB5003637 in surface pro x will disable SMS receiving/sending


i am not sure if this is the right places to report this issue. I find my surface pro X won't be able to receive SMS with its default QUALCOMM LTE modern after updating the latest windows 10 update. After un-install the update on 1/july/2021, I am again able to receive SMS with the windows default messaging app.

here is the update screen shot makes the SMS function disabled. after un-install KB5003637 and KB5003254, the SMS function works again. I have posted similar question on microsoft community, but not get a reply yet.

the update before 1/july/2021 is system default from manufacturer.

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just double confirmed only un-install KB5003637 can make SMS function work, no need to un-install KB5003254.

here is the screen shot of update after un-install KB5003637. SMS receiving works. KB5003254 is still there.

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Thank you for sharing your finding and we're very sorry for any inconvenience that may caused.
we will also report this issue and hopefully receive an answer as soon as possible.
If your case is quite urgent, we recommend you open a case in Microsoft CSS support.

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Thanks for your understanding.

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