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Third Party Notices in Excel document shows a Server Error

Hi all,

We have integrated Word application and editing docs using WOPI Integration in our website. On opening an excel document in view mode, clicking on the three-dots (in the top-tight corner), and then clicking on Third-Party Notices option navigates to a URL which is not found (shows server error). I have searched on the web and I have not found anything specifically related to the issue.

Is it possible to hide this option? if not, what should we do to fix this issue and show proper html page to the user?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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Hello Avadh,

Thank you for posting your question. One of our protocols engineers will respond soon.

Jeff McCashland
Microsoft Open Specifications

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Hi @AvadhVashisth-3789,

It looks like the path may not be correct in the web app menu item. Can you try manually adding "/TPN" to the path after "app_sdripts" like this:


This menu item is not controlled or affected by the WOPI protocol but instead is part of the deployment of Office Online Server itself. I'm going to remove the [openspecs-office] tag and add the [office-online-server-general] tag so that you can request assistance with your deployment. It appears to be broken.

Best regards,
Tom Jebo
Sr Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Open Specifications

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Hi @TomJebo-9587 ,

Thanks for your response. I have tried adding "/TPN" to the path. But, it is is still showing 404 server error.

Best regards,
Avadh Vashisth

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I test on my environment, I can reproduce this issue in Reading view.
It seems that the web page corresponding to this Third-Party Notices is unavailable now.
As the file on my test environment is from SharePoint Server, I try to use Remove-SPWOPIBinding -Application "Excel" command to remove this menu, but there is no such related Action option.
So, I suggest you contact Microsoft directly to check whether they can restore this page.
Thanks for your understanding.

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