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Slow notifications in the past few days?

Our app, which runs in dozens of tenants, subscribes to create and delete activity in several mail folders. Over the past few days, we've noticed that the notifications are very slow — it can take over 10 minutes to get a notification. I can find no reports of issues on the M365 status page. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Anyone from Microsoft want to comment on whether there's a known issue?

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Let me look into this folks. I see that the docs have latency range numbers for all the resources that supports change notifications

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Any more information on this?

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This continues to be a problem a week later. Any insight on whether this is a recognized issue and a resolution estimate? It's really affecting our business and dozens of our customers' businesses, so any info will be appreciated.

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Yes, we have observed this exact behavior with our Graph Email notifications. The slowness seems intermittent, but we have seen up to 17 minute delays whereas previously they are very fast.

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Thanks. Good to know it's not just us. Any luck getting support from Microsoft on this? We have a case open and are just beginning to talk to them.

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I've not attempted any further support, honestly I'm not even sure where to do that - trying to find any official support/status for Graph has only led me here.

Where did you open a case?

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Hi everyone, how persistent is this issue on your end now, especially since this week?

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Things have improved a lot in the past day or so...


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It’s really unpredictable. It seemed to be improving, but then this morning things look worse. Here are numbers for the past 24 hours for 60+ tenants.


13.9% of notifications taking more than a minute!

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My observations seem to align with Mark's, though I can't generate a full report at the moment. Definitely improvements since the past weeks, with most seems to be <3 seconds, though there are still some taking longer than a minute.

Bottom line is this is still a noticeable degradation since say a month ago. Can you provide any more details on a cause or what action is being taken?

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