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Error con azure app service (django rest)

Cree un app service para levantar mi servicio el cual se encuentra en un repo de azure . Aparentemente desde azure se construye correctamente la implementación por medio de pipeline y la misma culmina con exito pero al momento de consultar dicha implementación me da el siguiente error :

:( Application Error
If you are the application administrator, you can access the diagnostic resources.

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@DevelopmentTeams3-8107We are sorry to hear that you encountered this issue. We hope that you were able to find a solution but we wanted to reach out to provide you a response for you or anyone else in the community who came across your post.

This error is typically encountered when a required module for Python or django is not loaded.

Please ensure these modules are included with your deployment. Further, ensure your django specific modules are included in your deployment and loaded properly.

If you believe your required modules are being loaded, the next step would be to enable logging. To enable production logging, add the --access-logfile and --error-logfile parameters as shown in the examples for custom startup commands.

Please let us know the outcome of the above steps and we will assist you further.

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