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A process serving application pool 'xxxx' failed to respond to a ping. The process id was '26636'. Event ID 5010

I am facing this error from sometime. Our application hosts multiple application pools in IIS, but this issue happens only with one/single app pool. All the app pool settings are same across the application pools.

Moreover this failed to respond to a ping is happening only when the app pool is idle. This is not observed when the server is continuously handling incoming requests.

The application pool also does not seem to be hung, as it is able to process the incoming requests as and when requested (verified this by disabling ping mechanism).

Also one more observation is that the issue started to happen only after we enabled the Application initialization (warm up) and enabled the pre-load. Idle time-out is disabled and recycling is set to 3AM every day.

IIS version is greater than 7.5.

I am searching, reading some Microsoft documentation to understand "How WAS ping mechanism works internally and what is the type of ping" to see if something is missing with this one app pool. But all I found is that "WAS checks the app pool health periodically (configured) and restarts in case of failure".

Any suggestions in identifying the problem will be very helpful.
Let me know if you need any additional information.

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@chandanvysyaraju-3000 This is a very generic error, there is no specific cause for this. so you need to debug the cause using Debug Diagnostics Tool, this tool will generate detail log file, which will help you to identify the problem.

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I tried using Debug Diagnostics tool, but I feel there is no crash or hang in the app pool at that moment.

Moreover, after setting "skipManagedModules" to true, the issue did not happen.

Still wondering what are the modules that will be skipped during app initialization. Are the ones marked as managed under the Modules section in IIS manager will be skipped ?

Thank you

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@chandanvysyaraju-3000 This is a complicated question, you can open a support ticket for this, one of our engineers will help analyse the problem.

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