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How can I meet Apple guidelines for "Sign in with Apple" and Azure AD B2C?

I added "Sign in with Apple" as an identity provider to our Azure AD B2C application which we are using in conjunction with a Xamarin Forms mobile app. While I know that the "Sign in with Apple" identity provider is still in preview Apple is rejecting our iOS app due to the "Sign in with Apple" button not meeting Apple's "guidelines" (see below).

Does anyone have information on how to resolve this issue?

Your app offers Sign in with Apple as a login option but does not use the appropriate Sign in with Apple button design, placement, and/or user interface elements. Specifically:

  • The  Sign in with Apple says Apple Account but should use the following localized version:  Sign in with Apple.

Next Steps

Please revise the Sign in with Apple buttons in your app so that they are compliant with the App Store Review Guidelines and the Sign in With Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

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Hi @AHawes , it seems like you need to change the design so that it matches Apple's guidelines. You can do this by using an HTML template or customizing the UX : Please let me know if you have any questions!

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@JamesHamil-MSFT, I looked at the customization docs and don't appear to provide a way to customize the how the list of identity providers is displayed. If you know of some examples that do this please let me know.

It strikes me as short-sighted that Microsoft would implement an Apple feature but not follow Apple guidelines or work with Apple on behalf of its customers to agree upon a solution acceptable to both parties. I realize this feature is in Preview so I am hoping that this oversight will be addressed.

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Do you know if it is sufficient to just change the identity provider name text to "Sign in with Apple"?
Did you resolve your situation and complete AppStore process?

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@tmcnz I did not fully resolve the process with Apple. Apple later told me that I did not have to provide the Sign in with Apple option in order to publish to the App Store so my client decided to remove that option and only use Google and Microsoft providers. The app was approved and has been published by Apple. The trouble to maintain our own custom HTML template just to follow Apple guidelines was didn't seem worth it to my client and I agreed. However we would be eager to turn on the Sign in with Apple feature if Microsoft and Apple would get their act together.

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