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I can't seem to sign into Dev Center with my Microsoft 365 Developer Program account


So the story is, I joined the Microsoft 365 Dev Program to experiment with Power Platforms yesterday. I worked well and I was able to open the Dev Center perfectly yesterday.

But when I opened it again, I was met with 119614-screenshot-2021-08-01-153120.png

"We can't sign you in with that account |
Please sign in with your Microsoft 365 Developer Program account instead. MS-CorrelationId: a7e3c89c-0380-4892-8238-c8d09d0ffcb0".

I was using my Developer Account also ( I have searched but came back empty handed. I have tried resetting cookies and deleting cache. I went out of my way to sign in with another browser but still no luck.

I hope I find a solution to this quickly without having to stress out about googling all day.

With regards,

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I'm having the same issue.

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I'm having the same issue.

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