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Unknown internal server error while trying to remove a participant from the Call

Trying to remove call participant using method described here

It's been working fine for CVI licensed accounts, but produces the following error for a Development account

error -> {JsonObject@7934} "{"code":"9999","message":"Unknown internal server error.","innerError":{"date":"2021-07-01T14:26:18","request-id":"de149e4c-e316-4682-a539-0ccdac07c86f","client-request-id":"a15f1853-9973-420b-9c5c-1c6cc1080451"}}"

Wonder if I'm doing anything wrong here. "AllowRemoveParticipantAppIds" permission is granted.


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Hi @MaksymRossiitsev-5259

Our forum is mainly focused on the general issue of Microsoft Teams troubleshooting. According to your description, your issue is more related to Teams API, which we do not support . So I will add teams-app-dev to your thread. Thanks for your understanding!

According to your description, it looks like this issue is related to your account. Could you try to remove participant manually in Teams client to see if it works for you?

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We are looking into this. Will get back to you soon.

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Are you trying to do it inside application or with postman?

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It has been a while, how is everything going?
If you have any update about this issue, please feel free to post back.

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