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Health Text Analytics container throws ModelException

I have retrieved the latest Health Text Analytics container, and when I run it locally it will load, but any request produces the following exception (full output is attached):

fail: Microsoft.CloudAI.Containers.TextAnalytics.Health.Processor.HealthV3Dot1Preview4Processor[0]
Microsoft.CloudAI.Containers.TextAnalytics.TATK.Exceptions.ModelException: The NER model is currently loading. Please try again soon. at Microsoft.CloudAI.Containers.TextAnalytics.HealthcareClient.HealthcareClient.BatchPredictFromGrpcAsync(IList`1 batchInput, Boolean isExternalRequest, RequestCorrelation correlation, String modelVersion, CancellationToken cancellationToken) in /source/src/container/src/Health/Client/HealthcareClient.cs:line 234

When calling /ready the result is always "unready". I was able to deploy the container to an Azure Docker Web App successfully, so I believe my end point/api key configuration is correct. This has happened on two computers so far. Is this a resource issue?

Thanks for the help!

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Is there any document you are referring to? Could you please share it so that we can try to reproduce this issue? Thanks.


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Hi Yutong,

I'm working from the documentation at

I can download and run the container using the scripts there as mentioned, but get this exception when attempting to execute the /ready endpoint or attempt to process a document in the /demo area.

The script to run the container is below:

 docker run --rm -it -p 5000:5000 --cpus 6 --memory 12g \ \
 Eula=accept \
 rai_terms=accept \
 Billing={ENDPOINT_URI} \
 ApiKey={API_KEY} \

In order to get the logging output in the console, remove the Logging:Disk:Format=json parameter


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