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Incorrect percentage values on the Azure Pricing details site


It seems like the discount percentages for Log Analytics Workspace are incorrect for some location.

For example in case of East US 2 I got the Pay-As-You-Go price 2.76 USD/GB. The portal says I got 15% discount with Commitment Tier 100 which will result in an effective Per GB Price of 1.96 USD/GB. But in reality a 15% discount of 2.76 is 2.346 and not 1.96.

I can see similar issues for the Switzerland locations. In case of Switzerland West the PAYG price is 4.664 USD/GB. The discount for Tier100 is defined as 15%. But according to the portal the Effective per GB Price for Tier100 is 2.53USD/GB which is closer to a 45% discount.

Could you tell me which values are correct? The percentages or the defined per gb prices? For me it seems like the defined prices are correct and the discount percentages are incorrect here. Is it possible to correct the percentage values, where can I report an issue like this?

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@sandortokesi Thanks for reaching out. I am looking into this and will update you soon.

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Thank you

If it helps, I created a list of the real discount percentages for every location. The percentage shows the actual discount you get if you go with Commitment Tier 100 instead of Pay-As-You-Go (there are some rounding):

Location LAW discount
Central US 20%
East US 15%
East US 2 29%
North Central US 20%
South Central US 20%
West Central US 20%
West US 26%
West US 2 15%
West US 3 26%
UK South 15%
UK West 12%
UAE Central 15%
UAE North 23%
Switzerland North 30%
Switzerland West 46%
Norway East 15%
Norway West 15%
Korea Central 15%
Korea South 21%
Japan East 15%
Japan West 15%
Central India 15%
South India 14%
West India 21%
Germany West Central 15%
France Central 11%
France South 8%
North Europe 14%
West Europe 15%
Canada Central 20%
Canada East 20%
Brazil South 15%
Brazil Southeast 15%
US GOV Arizona 15%
US GOV Virginia 15%
Australia Central 18%
Australia Central 2 15%
Australia East 18%
Australia Southeast 18%
East Asia 25%
Southeast Asia 15%
South Africa North 25%
South Africa West 15%

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@sandortokesi Thanks for sharing this information. I have reached out to respective team for the changes, once I receive a response I will update here.

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@sandortokesi Thanks for providing valuable feedback. Content team has updated the Azure Monitor Pricing page as per your feedback. Kindly check and revert if you have any suggestions.

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