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Azure Spot VMSS deployment from portal

Hi there,

I recently discovered that you cannot deploy a spot vmss from the portal with singleplacementgroup= true because once you select the spot instance button on the Basics tab, the single placement group section on the advanced tab grays out.

However, I did find that if you run this command in power shell with the latest version of az cli modules you are able to. I ran the following command and was able to create an azure spot vmss and confirmed this on because I can see the scale set model has singleplacementgroup=true and the priority is spot:

az vmss create -n azclitestvmss123 -g MyResourceGroup --instance-count 2 --image Win2016Datacenter --data-disk-sizes-gb 2 --priority spot --single-placement-group true

Therefore, you can create an azure spot instance (with singleplacementgroup=true) with azure cli, however, this is not possible in the portal.

My questions for you:
1. Why is the portal grey'ing out the "single placement group" option when attempting to deploy a spot vmss from the portal?
2. Was this an intentional design decision?
3. Will creating a spot vmss in the portal with singleplacementgroup=true be available soon? Thank you!

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