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Search Files with Graph SDK

Hello, I would like to search for a file with the Graph SDK(ASP.Net Core and C#), with Postman this also works as desired.{user-id}/drive/root/search(q='Filename')

But I just can't get it to work with the SDK (empty collection).

 private async Task<IDriveItemSearchCollectionPage> SearchFiles(GraphServiceClient graphClient){
   var search = await graphClient.Users["User-iD"].Drive.Root
     return search;

And the associated iterator:

  private void PrintFiles(IDriveItemSearchCollectionPage files) {
         foreach(var file in files) {
           var message = $"File: {file.Name}, Id: {file.Id}";

What am I doing wrong ?

I would be very happy to receive help.


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Hi @APIPointNewbie-3149,

Please read the SDK documentation for details on how to add the SDK to your project and create an authProvider instance.

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this is what I have, I have coded a webhook with delta(Following these instructions) that works fine, only this search does not work properly.

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Hi @APIPointNewbie-3149 , this is my code and my test result. Pls note that you need to give the api permission in azure portal before, here I used client credential flow, so I set application permission but not delegate permission.

 using Azure.Identity;
 using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
 using Microsoft.Graph;
 using System.Linq;
 using System.Threading.Tasks;
 namespace WebApplication3.Controllers
     public class HomeController : Controller
         public IActionResult Index()
             return View();
         public async Task<string> testAsync() {
             var def = new[] { "" };
             var tenantId = "";
             var clientId = "azure_ad_app_id_here";
             var clientSecret = "client_secret_here";
             var options = new TokenCredentialOptions
                 AuthorityHost = AzureAuthorityHosts.AzurePublicCloud
             var clientSecretCredential = new ClientSecretCredential(tenantId, clientId, clientSecret, options);
             var graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(clientSecretCredential, def);
             DriveItemSearchCollectionPage a = (DriveItemSearchCollectionPage)await graphClient.Users["my_user_id"].Drive.Root.Search("win-arm").Request().GetAsync();
             return a.FirstOrDefault<DriveItem>().Name;


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What is strange: I didn't change anything in my original code and the search now works with my daemon service.

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Hi @APIPointNewbie-3149 , it may take place when you newly set the api permission for you ad app and you authorize the client before the permission take effect. There's no error message for you issue so I'm afraid it hard to find out the reason why it's ok without any change on it. However, it worked any way, I think we can end this case : )

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