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Rewrite on Application Gateway with path based rule


i would like to implement a rewrite rule on my Application Gateway. Now i setup a path based rule that do following:

if i reach this url redirect to another http.setting configured on other app service.

It work nice but when i reach the other app service from, it change the url with url, etc....

Is possbile to rewrite it with other url?

example, from actual configuration with that path based rule:

I tried to setup override path, to configure some rewrite but the the test failed, i always get

Any help is appreciated

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Hello @Emanuele-0211 ,

Apologies for the delay in response.

Could you please share the screenshot of your rewrite rule?

Please refer the below article which shows how to combine URL Rewrite capability and path-based routing:


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Hello @Emanuele-0211 , do you have any updates on this issue?

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Hi @GitaraniSharmaMSFT-4262 , sorry but i was on holiday

I tried that link without success. Following the rewrite rule:



there is a pathbased rule for "*" that goes to app service "*" .
I need that from "*" to setup "*" and keep the path after the "*" . I configured also a query string with /resume:

eg.: from "" to ""

on http.setting for "*" app service there is "override back end path" configured with / but on rewrite rule i can only select default


i tried without / on backend path and tried to select specific path base rule for /myapplication into rewrite rule, but rewrite didn't work and same for application(is mandatory to keep /).

Excuse me for my english, i hope that now with screenshot is more clear.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Hello @Emanuele-0211 ,

Thank you for the update.

However, I believe all of your screenshots didn't come through. For better engagement & further investigation, I would request you to send us an email as advised over the private message.


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Hello @Emanuele-0211 ,

Could you please send us an email with the screenshots as advised over the private message?


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Hello @Emanuele-0211 , any updates?

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