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3rd party site integration in Azure my portal

Hello all

I am trying to see if there is any way to add the following URL inside my own Azure Tenant my portal so that it shows in my company portal and user do not have to use the 3rd party link.

I want to add "" inside my portal user should see a app ABC, when he click it take them to the 3rd party site.

Any idea how can i do that.

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Hi @ZakariaMuhammad-8648,

Could you explain more about your design plan? Are you referring to authentication or the Linked sign-on functionality? There is no feature that you can use right now for member users of your tenant during sign-in to Azure Portal.

Custom third party authentication method via API is only supported for self-service signup of external identities. You can do this using the API Connector in a user flow and follow the code sample here for this:

You can enable an API connector after signing in with an identity provider or before creating the user. The API connectors are invoked during user sign-up, not sign-in.

If you describe more about your use case I can better answer whether this is supported and start a conversation with the product team if it is not.

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