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Not able to create support request to Microsoft

Hi All,

I have assigned with the roles "Contributor " & " Support Request Contributor " But I am not able to submit any support request.

Could you please help?


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Can you please share your Subscription type-MSP, Pay as you go? Do you have a partner or account manager to handle your Azure account?
To create a support request, you must be an Owner, Contributor or be assigned to the Support Request Contributor role at the subscription level. To create a support request without a subscription, for example an Azure Active Directory scenario, you must be an Admin.

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Hi ,
I'm not sure how to check the subscription type-MSP? I have account manager who has given me this access. In subscription( paid) level, I can see below roles assigned to me:

Contributor ( scope -Resource group (Inherited)),

Support Request Contributor ( scope - Resource group (Inherited)),

User Access Administrator (scope-Root (Inherited)).

Please let me know what other roles required to create a support request?
I'm trying to create support request in Cognitive services ( S0 model ).


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@RoyPappachan-6426 Please share/email your Subscription Id and a link to this thread to '' with the subject - 'Attn: Karishma' and I will enable a support request for you and share further instructions.

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