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How to List Private Endpoints for Data Factory


I am trying to list the private endpoints for data factory. When running cli from an azure command get the error below. If this is not available for data factory is there another way of doing this ?

[Actually what I am trying to do is "auto approve" the private endpoint between data factory managed virtual network and storage resources. So I am trying to return the id of the private endpoint so I can script the approval :) ]

 az network private-endpoint-connection list -g myrg -n myfactory --type Microsoft.DataFactory/dataFactories

 az network private-endpoint-connection list: 'Microsoft.DataFactory/dataFactories' is not a valid value for '--type'. Allowed values: Microsoft.Batch/batchAccounts, Microsoft.Automation/automationAccounts, Microsoft.AppConfiguration/configurationStores, 
 Microsoft.CognitiveServices/accounts, Microsoft.Compute/diskAccesses, Microsoft.ContainerRegistry/registries, Microsoft.DBforMySQL/servers, Microsoft.DBforMariaDB/servers, Microsoft.DBforPostgreSQL/servers, Microsoft.Devices/IotHubs, 
 Microsoft.DocumentDB/databaseAccounts, Microsoft.DigitalTwins/digitalTwinsInstances, Microsoft.EventGrid/topics, Microsoft.EventGrid/domains, Microsoft.EventHub/namespaces, Microsoft.HealthcareApis/services,
  microsoft.insights/privateLinkScopes, Microsoft.KeyVault/managedHSMs, Microsoft.Keyvault/vaults, Microsoft.Media/mediaservices, Microsoft.Network/applicationGateways, Microsoft.Search/searchServices, Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces, 
 Microsoft.SignalRService/signalr, Microsoft.Sql/servers, Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts, Microsoft.StorageSync/storageSyncServices, Microsoft.Synapse/workspaces, Microsoft.Web/sites, Microsoft.Web/hostingEnvironments.

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Hi @ianhenry-1688,
Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!

You are getting this error as type of resource is not valid for --type. Valid resource types as per the documentation are as follows:

I do not think you can list the private endpoints for Data Factory. If you want to know private endpoint connections to storage accounts then you need to pass storage account name and type instead of passing data factory name and type. Please use something like below to get all the privateendpoint connections to specified storage account.

az network private-endpoint-connection list --name {storageaccountname} -g {resource group name} --type Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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