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Can the Blazor WASM AOT runtime load assemblies at runtime?

In order to extend UIs post-build time it would be super handy to have the ability to load assemblies at runtime. I believe this was possible with Blazor WASM, is it possible with the AOT runtime?

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There are some best practice for the performance of WebAssembly. You can refer it from here. Would you mind sharing the scenario you are developing for load assemblies at runtime, and do you get any issues for this?

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I'm interested in building open source b2b style applications for IT orgs in DotNet that Java typically dominates; think Jenkins, Jira, and etc. Plugins systems for these and other business apps are super common so I need to be able to extend the M, V, and C at runtime. So while I'm not super interested in the "lazy loading" for app splitting as currently implemented, it seems loading assemblies at runtime is clutch for extending the Blazor UI at runtime(post build).

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@Rapzid-0257, thanks for your detailed explanation. Do you have any error or blocking issues for this kind scenario?

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