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RDP Audio Startup Delay on Windows Server 2012 R2


I have seen several discussions on this topic, but none have addressed the issue I just discovered.

I have a problem that the Windows Audio audiodg.exe process seems to have some sort of internal timeout, which makes Windows unload audiodg.exe after about 10 minutes of no audio on an active RDP session.

This leads to a problem that when starting any audio on the server, for example starting a Youtube video on Chrome, all playback and audio output is suspended until audiodg.exe gets restarted again. It usually takes up to 5-10 seconds for audiodg to spin up again.

If I then do not do any audio work again for ~10 minutes, Windows unloads audiodg.exe, and I have to go through the whole startup delay procedure once again when starting audio playback.

This can get pretty annoying quite quickly, especially when using programs where instant audio feedback is important. Now all the feedback will be delayed by up to 10 seconds, because audiodg has been unloaded.

Once audiodg is up and running, there is no problem with lag or startup times. It works great.

But why does Windows keep unloading it?

I have tried setting the Windows Audio service to "manual", but it does not help. The process gets unloaded even though Services says the process is "Running"(!)

How can I fix this problem and prevent Windows from ever stopping audiodg?

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